Just completed

Here are some pieces that I have just finished and were photographed still on the easel.

"Juicy," 20" x 16" oil on cradled panel
A man walks by the mannequins in a store front.

"Umbrellas," 16" x 20" oil on cradled panel
I love making a painting from a different perspective.

Sentry, oil painting by Linda Tenukas

"Sentry" 18" x 18" oil on cradled panel
A man and his dog pose in the doorway of their apartment.


Xoke and a Gingerl Ale, painting by Linda Tenukas

"Coke and a Ginger Ale" 24" x 36" oil on cradled panel
If you've ever been on a plane and looked down at your beverages....


Callas and Red Rose, painting by Linda Tenukas

"Callas and Red Roses" 24" x 24" oil on panel
My second set of roses combined with the calla lilies.


Valla Lilies in Jean's Vase, painting by Linda Tenukas

"Calla Lilies in Jean's Vase" 12" x 12" oil on panel
The 2014 calla lilies from my garden
in a vase that my friend Jean gave me.


Dusk on the Avenue

"Dusk on the Avenue," 24" x 34," oil on panel
The "Avenue" of course being Fifth Avenue.
In the background you can see the lit trees of
Trump Tower.